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Milky White Paste



Polyvinyl aceate emulsion with polyvinyl alcohol

Solids Content


44 ± 1%

pH Value


4 - 6

Acid Value
(Mgms of KOHgm)


1 - 2

Specific Gracity


1.05 - 1.1

Setting & Drying time


Moderately fast

Viscosity by Brock
field Viscosity at 300C


350 - 450 poises



Hot & Cold Polyvinyl Alcohol



0.5 - 2.5 microns



1. It is a carpenter’s professional adhesive for furniture, wood working and lamination of sheets to all grades of plywood.

2. It is extensively used for manufacture of multiple paper bags. Sandwitching plastic woven sacks between for white cement packing.

3. It works very well for sandtex finishers for interior decorations at home and in office.

4. It mixes with polyvinyl alcohol solution (10-12%) in the ration of 1 : 1 goes into the manufacture of high tensile strength paper cover for textile yarn winding.

5. For permanent bonding of decorative laminates to wood / hardbord, Radio, TV, speaker, House floor grinder wooden cabinets, sowing machine top.

6. For permanent bonding of velvet on board.

7. For billiard tables, joining of pencils, bobbins and wooden patterns, thermocol etc.


1. For general purpose like carpentry, standtex finish, stationary industry and domestic use  TANYA SH is applied by brushing manually. For the manufacture of paper cement bags  TANYA SH is applied by rollers.


1. Do not dilute the product with excess water as effects the rate of drying. The flow of adhesive on the rollers, weakening of the body strength thereby causing delamination.

2. Do not mix TANYA SH with any other similar product available in the market which may    effect the coverage, bond strength, self life, drying rate etc.

3. Do not expose the adhesive when not in use. Keep the container closed to avoid skimming on top.

4. After the job is over, clean the brushes and the rollers thoroughly with water. Stir the adhesive before being taken for application.

Self Life        :  About 1 year under normal storage conditions.

Packing Size :  200 kgs, 100 kgs, 50 kgs, 30 kgs, 5 kgs.

Note             :  The above technical data and suggestions are given in good faith without any warranty whatsoever.



Use of permanent bonding of laminates to woods hard board (Radio, TV, Watch, Atta maker cabinets) joining of Pencil, Bobbins, Wooden Patterns.



NOTE : We recommend that before using our products in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the products for his own purpose under his operation conditions. As the Circumstances under which our products are stored, handled and used, are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility for their use by the customer.

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