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TANYA - 68





Milky White Polymer emulsions


A unique specially formulated water based synthetic coating for PVC blister packing on paper / board.


45% ± 1%


6.5 to 7.5


Clear non yellowing tack free
Visosity @300C.


Non Toxic
by Brookfield


25 - 40 Sec.


APPLICATION : TANYA - 68 is applied on printed paper/board by sheet feed varnishing machines or by any other suitable coating method - bursh or spray. Avoid idle running or high speed. This  will lead to excessive foaming.

Use forced drying to avoid blocking. The coating after thorough drying is tack-free and the coated cards can be properly packed in packets. Avoid high stacking in order to prevent blocking.

TANYA - 68 is supplied application viscosity; however, if required dilute with water.

To achieve proper sealing properties, a day film build up of 6-8 gms. per square meter is necessary. This film thickness can be achieved by two uniform coats recom-mended to take care of absorbancy of the duplex board.

Sealing - TANYA - 68 coated cards are suitable for Blister packing. For blister packing, use sealing temperature of 110 - 1400C depending on the thickness of board and blister at 90 psi pressure  and 2 - 4 seconds dwell time.


PRECAUTIONS : On a varnishing machine, there are chances of foaming in the duct. if it occurs   on a particular type of machines, reduce speed. Avoid idle running of machine.


RECOMMEND USE : TANYA - 68 coated are widely used for heat sealing of numerous presentable articles like Razzors, Lighters, Blades, Bottles, Toys, Batteries, Pens and many more. The Blister pack has multiple advantages of see-through appeal, protec-tion against imitation and packing with instructions.


STANDARD PACKING : 50 kg. Jerry Cans. (4 x 5) Kgs. Corrugated Box.

STORAGE : Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Close the lid tightly after use.

SHELF LIFE : 12 months, if stored properly.



NOTE : We recommend that before using our products in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the products for his own purpose under his operation conditions. As the Circumstances under which our products are stored, handled and used, are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility for their use by the customer.

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