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TANYA - 676





Milky White Liquid



Cross linkable

Solids Content


50% ± 0.5%

Emulsifying System



pH (as packed)



Specific gravity



T 3000


+ 140C

Minimum film
formation temp.


+ 80C

Viscosity as supplied


60 cps (spindle No. 1 - 30 r.p.m. Bookfield Viscomete)



Protect from freezing

0T 300


Temperature at which the torisional modulus of an airdried film is 300 kg/cm2 relative parameter of film stiffness.



TANYA - 676 represents a new approach in the design of acrylic binders for superior paper and paperboard coatings. TANYA - 676 is a hydrophobic binder and offers significant performance advantanges :

(1)  Superior wet and dry pick resistance even is used alone, with starch / casein.

(2)  Improved levels of ink and varnish hold out without sacrificing uniformity of ink absorption and freedom from mottle characteristics.

(3)  Reduced dusting on offset presses.

(4)  Excellent compatility with natural binders as well as reactive pigments.

(5)  Very good glueability.

(6)  Hardness with enough flexibility to withstand the normal scoring operation of coated boxboard.

(7)  Excellent heat, light and mechanical stability.


TANYA - 676 can be used alongwith oxidized starch or casein as natural binders in the coating formulations. High degree of gloss is developed under normal supercalendering conditions.   TANYA - 676 coating ensure very good release from the calender rolls as well as highly polished gloss calender surfaces. TANYA - 676 is well suited for all types of coating equipment like trailer blades or airknife or champion oater. Mechanical stability under high shear is exceptionally good. Dusting is normally a term used to describe the clay pickoff on the first blanket of an offset press and TANYA - 676 coatings offer a great help to eliminate ’dusting’.



TANYA - 676 is relatively low foaming emulsion, however, small quantities of anifoamers should be added to minimize foam. Generally 0.05% of antifoamer is sufficient on the total weight of the formulation. TANYA - 676 should be added last to the coating mixture or can even be added to the storage tank if mild agitation is available.



As all acrylic emulsions release water faster then natural binders, normal care should be taken to prevent extremely rapid drying of the coating which may interfere with development of optimum coating properties.



Acrylic binder for superior paper / board coating.


NOTE : We recommend that before using our products in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the products for his own purpose under his operation conditions. As the Circumstances under which our products are stored, handled and used, are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility for their use by the customer.

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