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Low TDS Specialty Chemicals,

which can replace Soda Ash as alkali


TANYA SRD is a low TDS Soda Ash replacement, which is used for reactive dyeing by exhaust method.


Physical Form                :   Transparent liquid.

Chemical Constitution    :   Retarding, Leveling with pH buffer.

Ionic Character             :   Anionic.

pH                               :    8 – 9.5.

Dyeing Method of TANYA SRD

2.0 g/l of TANYA SRD used at the time of the alkali addition to the dye bath, to prevent adverse effect of metallic Impurities, Calcium & Magnesium Salt deposition from Water and Common Salt during dyeing in the dye bath and better leveling & fixation of dyes. Also Improves the Brightness and luster of colour especially on Cotton Knit and Yarn Package dyeing.

After completing pre-treatment…

    n  Add 0.5 gpl Tanyaspruce AD and colour at 40°C

    n  Run for 10 minutes

    n  Add Common Salt/ Glauber Salt at 40°C in 20 minutes

    n  Raise temperature to 60°C

    n  Run for 30° minutes

    n  2 gpl TANYA SRD in 10 minutes

    n  Run for 10 minutes

    n  Now, Add 0.8 gpl Caustic in 40 minutes

    n  Hold for 40-60 minutes

10 min 20 min

Diagram not to scale

Tanyaspruce AD is polymeric leveling agent & protective collide agent having properties of making inactivate Ca++, Mg++ salt in the dye bath. Hence, prevent precipitation and hydrolysis of dyes.


Storage: Store the material in a cool and dry place. Do not store under direct sun

Shelf Life: Six months under normal conditions of storage

Packing: Available in 50, and 200 Kilogram virgin HDPE carboys and drums



Tanyachem application data is provided for fast and effective application results and is best to our knowledge true and accurate. However since the condition under which the product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or guarantee. Typical properties recorded are based on test results from representative samples, and are given as a guide and not as a specification for any particular property or use.


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