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Excellent Dye Levelling and Dispersing Agent

for Sodium Silicate


Tanyaspruce AD is an excellent acrylic co-polymer with Dye Levelling properties and is also a sequestering agent and an anti tinting agent, and dispersing agent for sodium silicate


Chemical structure :  Polyacrylic acid composition

Iconicity               :   Anionic

pH                       :    7.5~8 approx

Specific Gravity    :    1.2~1.3 approx

Appearance          :   Colorless liquid easily soluble In water


    n  Exhaust dyeing/padding

    n  0.5 gpl as a retarding agent leveling agent and anti creasing agent for exhaust dyeing.

    n  Silicate pad batch dyeing 0.5 gpl Tanyaspruce AD as protective collide agent and dispersing agent.

    n  Helps to transfer dye molecules from bath to fabric and also as a dispersing agent of sodium silicate. Hence easy to wash out.

    n  In HTHP machines: 0.5 gpl to get good leveling, distribute dye molecules from bath to yarn (in-out or out-in without foaming)

    n  Soaping with Tanyaspruce AD gives brighter tone due to protective nature for the re-deposition impurities of calcium silicate of on to the cotton material. Improve wet-rub fastness.

    n  Will effectively sequester the alkaline earth metal salts present in hard water without removing the metal ion present in dye.

    n  For post-mercerized fabric of dyed yarn with reactive or vat dyes it arrest bleeding.


    n  Very useful leveling agent and dispersing agent for reactive dyes

    n  Highly dispersant for insoluble and sparingly soluble calcium salts

    n  Controlled primary and secondary exhaustion and no de-metallizing effect on dyestuff and improves penetration and distribution of the dye liquor

    n  Eliminates problems due to the redeposition impurities of calcium silicate of on to the cotton material

    n  Low viscosity transparent liquid

    n  Promotes solubility of hydrolyzed dyes and prevents re-deposition on to the cotton material


    n  Improve leveling when dyeing cellulosic fibers

    n  Precipitation due to hardness salt is prevented and liquor stability is improved by protective colloid function

    n  Improves reproducibility and leveling

    n  Handle and brilliancy improves. Also sewing properties improves for garment

    n  Easy to handle and easily soluble in water

    n  Hence used in washing off process of dyed or printed goods

    n  (For Print: it works as anti-tinting agent)

Note: The concentration of require TANYASPRUCE AD for dyeing will depend upon hardness of water.


Storage: Store the material in a cool and dry place. Do not store under direct sun

Shelf Life: Six months under normal conditions of storage

Packing: Available in 50, and 200 Kilogram virgin HDPE carboys and drums



Tanyachem application data is provided for fast and effective application results and is best to our knowledge true and accurate. However since the condition under which the product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or guarantee. Typical properties recorded are based on test results from representative samples, and are given as a guide and not as a specification for any particular property or use.

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