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Non Yellowing Cationic Liquid Softener

for variety of fabrics



Character                 Non-yellowing softener for all kind of fiber

Chemical Structure    Fatty acid condensation product

Appearance              Creamiest, liquid emulsion

Ionic Character         Cationic

pH value                   Approx. 5 – 5.5

Stabilities                  TANYA SOFT NYK-OC is sufficiently stable to pH 7 acid acids

                          The product is very sensitive to frost; temperatures around freezing point cause irreversible changes. Not suitable with anionic product

Salient Features

TANYA SOFT NYK-OC is a cationic softener and has the following advantages:

    n  Suitable for all kinds of fibers.

    n  Application according to the padding and exhaust method.

    n  Good bath exhaustion in the exhaustion method.

    n  Pleasant, soft and voluminous handle, especially on cellulose fibers.

    n  Provides good surface smoothness.

    n  Improves the sewing properties of knitted goods.

    n  Non-yellowing, despite its cationic character.

   n  Preliminary trials in the case of very high drying temperatures are advisable, however.

    n  No fishy smell.

Application Technique

Diluting instructions

Cold or warm water is poured over the softener mixed well and take remain water

Fields of application

TANYA SOFT NYK-OC is used for softening all kinds of fibers. The main application fields are cellulose fabric or their mixtures with synthetics. Also used cotton yarn and fiber and their blend with polyester

Recipe Proposals

It is possible to apply – TANYA SOFT NYK-OC in the exhaust and padding procedure in all treatment steps (rope, cross bobbin, piece goods).


Exhaust method (cross bobbins; knit wear)

        1.0 - 3.0% TANYA SOFT NYK-OC

        pH 5.5

        20 min. at 40°C


Padding application:

        20.0 – 30.0 g/l TANYA SOFT NYK-OC


Tanyachem application data is provided for fast and effective application results and is best to our knowledge true and accurate. However since the condition under which the product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or guarantee. Typical properties recorded are based on test results from representative samples, and are given as a guide and not as a specification for any particular property or use.

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