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Shade Card | Dyeing Procedures

Tanactive M BRAND DYES are highly reactive requiring comparatively milder conditions in dye fixatoin. They are primarily of interest in dyeing at normal room temperature (about 25 - 35 Deg. C) using Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate.

Tanactive M BRAND Reactive dyes are applicable to cellulosic textiles by Batch - wise, Semi-continuous and Continuous methods in conventional textile machinery like Open-vat, Package, Jet, Jig, Winch and Padding mangle. The versatility in various application procedures and the availability of a wide range of bright and fast shades are the outstanding features of this class of dyestuffs.



The dyestuffs should be stored in cool and dry conditions. The containers should be tightly closed when not in use. High temperature, Humidity, and alkaline pH conditions reduce the stability of the dyes in solution.

Water supply

Soft of the softened water should be employed, avoiding alkalinity especially while dissolving the dyes, when hard along is available, it should be softened with sequestering agents. In dyeing, the pH of the water supply should be within the limits pH - 7-8.


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