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We have pleasure in announcing our TANATRON Binder and TANATRON Pigment Emulsions contain all requisite ingredients for the formation of stable, bright and water fast resin film. They are suitable both for machine and screen printing.

TANATRON Pigment Emulsions are stable pigment emulsions which give bright and full print when printed on textile in combination with TANATRON Binder. TANATRON Pigment Emulsions owe their acceptance to low cost versatility, ease of application, brightness of colour, sharp mark and fastness properties.

TANATRON Binder is designed as a base of pigment binder, the cloth finishing agent and the binder for non-woven fabrics. TANATRON Binder has a great effect which we could not find in traditional resins. It is white clear, free flowing and stable copolymer resin.

The reduction Binder Emulsion thickening in chronological order is as under :

                   10 parts  TANATRON Binder

                   10 parts  Water

                    2 parts  Thickening of low viscocity (5% Solution of C.M.C.) or

                                (10% solution of Sodium Alginate)

                   78 parts  Kerosene or Mineral Turpentine


                  100 parts

Kerosene or Mineral Turpentine is to be mixed under high speed stirring.

The print paste is prepared according to the required strength as per following recipe.

                 10-40  parts  TANATRON Colour paste

              870-840  parts  Reduction Binder Emulsion Thickening

                 20-20  parts  (1-1) Diammonium phosphate solution

TANATRON Binder may be used with glycerine and urea to maintain the required moisture to check the quick drying of the colour paste on machine prints. Ammonium Chloride or Ammonium Nitrate could also be used instead of diammonium phosphate as acid curing agent. 0.5% ammonia (25%) is recommended for higher pH value.  

The prints are dried at 75-80°C and steamed for 7 to 10 minutes in dry steam full fixation is obtained in dry heat at 130-150°C for 6 to 3 minutes.

The ideal colour to binder ratio should be 1:4 but a minimum of 10% binder must be used even for lighter shades. The above ratio of binder to colour would help too maintain required fastness even at lower temperature curring, provided it is done for longer time i.e. for about 8 to 10 minutes. While printing with the low viscocity soluble thicknening, minimum quantity of it should be used in the process as to obtain good fastness to wet scrubbing.

Fastness Tests :

After fixation by curing or by dry steaming the binder film will continue to ripen for another 24hours before the process is completed. Fastness tests, therefore should be conducted only after this period of time has elapsed.

generally two tests Viz., fastness to washing and fastness to wet scrubbing are done for pigment prints.

1)   Fastness to washing :

  • The printed test piece is boiled in a bath containing 5 gms. of Soap and 2 gms. of Soda ash per litre for four hours.

  • The piece is thene rinsed and dried.

2)   Fastness to Wet Scrubbing :

  • A test piece of approx. 16 * 8 cm. is dipped in a bath containing 3 gms. of Soap and 2 gms. of Soda ash per litre at 40-50°C. It is then brushed by ordinary nylon brush for two minutes with normal pressure. The printed side touching the bristle of the brush. While brushing, the piece is dipped in the bath at intervals

so as to have sufficient solution for the brushing action.

Fastness Data :

          Light                             :   1-8 in increasing order

          Washing & Other            :   1-5 in increasing order

(The information contained herein  is correct to the best of our knowledge and is provided in good faith for guidance only, without guarantee or warranty. It is the responsibility of users to test our product as to their suitability for any application, user or processing.)

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