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Non-Cresylic Wetting Agent and Low

Foaming for Mercerizing Bath


Tanya Merc LF is an anionic wetting agent and stable to highly concentrated alkali solutions used in mercerizing. It is an extremely low foaming, mercerizing wetting agent with iron binding capacity.

The outstanding wetting power of Tanya Merc LF assists problem free mercerization of grey cotton yarn and woven fabrics.

Product Characteristics

   n   Appearance          Pale yellow to Light Brown viscous liquid

   n   Nature                  Anionic

   n   pH (1% Solution)   7 (Neutral)

   n   Solubility:             Miscible with water

Stability in


Hard water




Stable in 35┬░Be NaOH


Metal ions

Sequester iron and copper ions


Compatability with

Non-ionic surfactant

Generally very good

Selective, some reduce the efficacy of the enzyme


Anionic surfactant

Selective, some reduce the efficacy of the enzyme


Solvent based surfactant



Organic sequestrants

Generally good



Tanya Merc LF is added to the mercerizing liquor and mixed well.

The amount of Tanya Merc LF to be used :

Cotton grey yarn       Tanya Merc LF : 4-5 ml/ltr.

Grey cotton woven    Tanya Merc LF : 4-5 ml/ltr.


Scoured cotton fabric               Tanya Merc LF : 2-3 ml/ltr.


    n  Increases lustre

    n  Produces a soft handle

    n  Ensures high and even shrinkage

    n  Increases the depth of dyeing

    n  Ensures perfect penetration even with tightly woven fabrics

    n  Low foaming and simple handling

Storage & handling precautions

    n  Store in a cool/dry place

    n  Avoid storing in direct sunlight

    n  The shelf life of Tanya Merc LF is one year

    n  The usual storage, handling, usage, and safety precautions should be observed


Packing: Available in 50, and 200 Kilogram virgin HDPE carboys and drums


Tanyachem application data is provided for fast and effective application results and is best to our knowledge true and accurate. However since the condition under which the product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or guarantee. Typical properties recorded are based on test results from representative samples, and are given as a guide and not as a specification for any particular property or use.

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