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Specialty Acrylic Thickener for Printing


TANYACRYL 60 is an acid – containing, cross linked acrylic emulsion copolymer. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each emulsion particle swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and becomes highly viscous.

TANYACRYL 60 being a polyacrylic thickener gives superior performance than conventional thickeners like CMS, HEC storage stability of paint with TANYACRYL 60 is much superior than with CMS OR HEC.

Solution for use is prepared rapidly since neutralization occurs instantaneously with a variety of standard bases. Handling is greatly simplified, compared to that required with powdered natural or synthetic gums, cellulosic thickners.

It is frequently possible to incorporate TANYACRYL 60 directly into the system to be thickened without pre-neutralization. This avoids handling a viscous thickener solution. If the system contains enough free alkalinity to neutralize TANYACRYL 60 then solubilization and thickening takes place. If no free alkalinity is present then alkali can be added to the system containing TANYACRYL 60 and ”in – situ thickening” will occur, Tanyacryl 60 fully neutralizes at a pH approximately 8.0

Solutions of TANYACRYL 60 effectively suspend pigment, abrasives and other finely divided solids. The sodium salt of TANYACRYL 60 is a highly efficient thickner for these suspensions and the thickened pigment suspension have good stability. Unlike conventional thickners, salt of TANYACRYL 60 have little flocculation action, thickened lattices are free of any creaming tendency and aqueous suspensions are free of sedimentation.




milky liquid

Solids content


28.0 +- 0.5%

pH , when packed


3.5 approximately

Viscosity , as supplied


4.0 cps

Solutions Viscosity



5 percent sodium salt


25000 cps

1 percent sodium salt


3000 cps

specific gravity as supplied


1.054 at 25 C

Colloidal charge




    Values provided are descriptive of average properties.

Viscosity readings are Brookfield Model LVF, # Spindle , 12 rpm at 250C

Freezing or addition in the emulsion of soluble iron, copper or other multivalent cations may cause precipitation of polymer solids. If the emulsion is accidentally frozen and setting of the polymer is evident, the product may be recovered in useful form by dilution it with water and adding alkali to form the salt solution.


The high viscosity of TANYACRYL 60 solutions, even at low concentrations, suggests their use to suspend pigments and fillers in water based paints inks or other coatings and the abrasive particles in waxes or polishes. Dispersions of high density pigments thickened to only 500 to 1000 cps. Show to tendency to separate after several months storage. TANYACRYL 60 shows little flocculation effect of pigment dispersions in marked contrast to some other thickeners.

Tanyacryl - 60 is also useful for viscosity adjustment of emulsion and latex compounds of many types.

Storage & handling precautions


Store in a cool/dry place


Avoid storing in direct sunlight


The shelf life of Tanyacryl 60 is six months.


The usual storage, handling, usage, and safety precautions should be observed


Packing: Available in 50 and 200 Kilogram virgin HDPE carboys and drums



Tanyachem application data is provided for fast and effective application results and is best to our knowledge true and accurate. However since the condition under which the product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or guarantee. Typical properties recorded are based on test results from representative samples, and are given as a guide and not as a specification for any particular property or use.


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