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Manufacturers and Exporters of Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Leather Dyes, Pigment Powder, Pigment Emulsions etc. in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Our Major Product Line

Reactive Dyes

Acid Dyes

Direct Dyes / Direct dyes in liquid form

Reactive dyes are fixed on any Cotton Cellulose at Alkali media. Reactive Dyes are only Two Base :
  • Vinyl Sulphone Base
  • Cynuric Chloride Base

TANACID ACID DYES are the selected range of dyestutfs suitable for dyeing on pure wool. The various dyes in the shade card have been grouped mainly according to their exhaustion behaviour, colour fastness and other characteristics on wool.

Tanya exports Light Fast dyes are direct non-benzedene dyestuffs, suitable for dyeing cotton and viscose in the form of fabric, yarn as well as loose cotton. They are also used for dyeing of wool, pure silk & leather in certain cases.




Leather Dyes

Pigment Powder

Pigment Emulsion

Dyestuffs for Leather
Acid Yellow 42 (C.I.22910)
Acid Yellow 110v
Acid Yellow 194
Acid Orange 3 (C.I.10385)
Acid Orange 51 (C.I.26550)
Acid Orange 56 (C.I. 22895)
Acid Orange 67 (C.I. 14172)
Acid Orange 74 ( C.I. 18745)
Acid Orange 142

All PIGMENT are carefully designed and controlled to meet exact standards for mesh, pH, strength and shade on a wet - weight bases, Retained samples are kept for shelf life of product from the time of shipment.

We have pleasure in announcing our TANATRON Binder and TANATRON Pigment Emulsions contain all requisite ingredients for the formation of stable, bright and water fast resin film. They are suitable both for machine and screen printing

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Basic Dyes

Solvent Dyes


Tanya exports BASIC DYES have very brilliant shades and excellent tinctorial value. These dyes produce very bright shades on mordanated cotton & viscose rayon. These are also used for dyeing of Pure Silk, Jute, Leather and Coir.

Tanya offers Solvent dyes like Solvent Violet, Solvent Blue, Solvent Green, Solvent Yellow, Solvent Red etc.

Tanya has a exhaustive product list in Auxiliaries such Sizing Chemicals, Desizing Agents, Wetting Penetrating Agent,  Sourcing Agents, Binders, Mercerizing Agents, Finishisng Chemicals, Auxiliaries for Leather Industries etc.

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Textile Chemicals

Digital Textile Printing Dyes / Ink

Wood Adhesives

In Textile chemcials, Tanya offers Pretreatment chemicals, printing chemicals, dyeing chemicals, Finishing chemicals, Silicon based finishing chemicals, PVA Emulsion based softners etc.

The process of directly printing the textile dyes onto pre-treated fabric, is called as Digital Textile Printing. In digital printing method, images, colors and patterns are created by using computer driven ink-jet nozzles or charged drums. This method is quite different from Traditional Textile Printing, and considered to be the next generation printing.





About Tanya

Manufacturers and Exporters of Dyestuffs, Pigment Powder, Leather Dyes, Food Colors, Digital Printing Ink etc.


Established in 1987, TANYA EXPORTS grown-up steadily and today it is one of the leaders in manufacturing and exporting Dyes, Pigment Powder, Leather dyes, Food Colors, Auxiliariy chemicals for Textile, Whitening Agent, Dye Intermediates etc. in all variants and colours.

Tanya Exports, manufacture and export about 2000 MT various dyes and about 400 MT of Pigments and other products. We are exporting 95% of our products to countries like USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Egypt, Mexico, South America, African Countries etc.



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